Welcome to Sweet Reasons! We are locally and family owned and operated.

We launched at a Wine Festival in Orange County in October of 2010 with just six varieties of cupcakes. Then we opened a pop-up shop in the Spotsylvania Towne Center in the former Great American Cookie Company that December.

In January 2011 we opened in Locust Grove--the original plan for the bakery. However we quickly realized that our time in Fredericksburg won us some loyal and wonderful customers and we knew we were destined to go back which brings us to our current location in the busy shopping center of Central Park!


1. Make everything from scratch using real food and fresh ingredients like sweet cream butter (no shortenings or hydrogenated oils), real vanilla, sea salt and fresh produce.

2. Treat customers as guests in your home, care about people, and give the best service.

​3. Be consistent...be the best you can be and never become complacent or comfortable.

"Your cupcake was just a beautiful combination of flavor and texture. I was really indulged and delighted... I found the substance of your cupcake quite exquisite."



First runner up.

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