Give Cancer the Heel

For the past two years we ran a Pinktober campaign during the month of October to raise awareness for breast cancer.  

We made pink cupcakes that donned pink high heels and donated the proceeds from this Pinktober campaign to a great research foundation that continues to make strides on non-toxic treatment trials.  We were happy and proud and blown away by our customer-community support.

This year, we wanted to take a different approach.  Do we support breast cancer awareness?  You better believe it. We need to know how to really prevent it and how to cope with it.  

But there are all these other months that represent all these other insidious, cruel, hated, equally important cancers.

Colon, bladder and breast cancer have hit my family the hardest.  Childhood cancer hits my heart the hardest. And lots of our customers (who have also become friends) are survivors of the junk on that calendar...

We have all known cancer, one way or another, and we will continue to face it, fear it and fend it.

SRC is just a small fish in a huge pond and it's not my goal to make money from this (or any) disease. 

So this October, we want to help raise awareness about some wonderful national and local organizations that are truly helping on the front lines of the fight. It's our *GIVE CANCER THE HEEL* Campaign:  Each week one of our specialty cupcakes will have varying colors of high heels on them to represent different types of cancers.  We will donate ALL the profits from those cupcakes sold to:

Thank you for continuing to support our business. We are grateful for each one of you. We all need each other and we all matter.



~Juli and the Sweet Reasons Team

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